To help you in your dilemma, here are three activities that you can do with your escort as you travel in the beautiful city of London.

1. Visit Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is home to the ever famous Queen Elizabeth II. This is open during summer when the queen is going away from her beloved palace for a vacation. You can take your escort with you as you tour around and spend perhaps, 1-2 hours here. Get a glimpse of UK's history right here at the heart of London. See where the queen lives, and appreciate the architectural design of the palace.

2. Get to know each other at Hydes Park and Kensington Gardens

After getting to know a little bit of UK's history through visiting Buckingham Palace, your next stop should be at the Hydes Park and Kensington Gardens. Bring your escort here, get to know each other, have a casual and light conversation. Spending 1-2 hours of your time here is already time well-spent. You can tour around the area, watch the swans, and take a look at Diana Memorial Fountain. Seeing nature at its best in the park is a refreshing activity that you can do in preparation for having a night filled with fun and excitement.

3. Dine and drink at Mission wine bar and restaurant.

Now this is where the fun part begins! Bring her to Mission. This is a wine bar and restaurant. You can dine here and drink at their affordable glass of wine. You can start with dining a different dish – tender octopus with tomato or eat a plate of pasta of your choice. After eating the main course, you can go for dessert – try the buttermilk pudding! End it with drinking a glass sparkling wine. Surely, you and your escort will have a lovely time together. Do not let the night without a bang! Be sure both of you are going to be having so much fun together. Be very bold! Be very daring! We would even suggest to go and be joined by a second escorts from Ilford, if you know what I mean.
You can have your escort as your tour guide or be the woman you need when you are all alone. The choice is all yours. Activities you can do with an escort is not restricted with just going to a pub and go to a hotel where you stay. This is the typical scenario. However, this does not meant you are going to stick to what is the common. Be different and get to know the escort as a woman, as a person, whom you are going to spend few hours with. You will see and discover that there is more to that of her sexy body and beautiful body of hers. She has wit, sense of humor and personality that stand out.